Still Here

by Chalk Dinosaur

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Chalk Dinosaur's 2nd release. It builds and further expands upon the sentiment and style of the first album. Straightforward concise rock songs. Recorded during the summer of 2010 at Phantom Bag Studio's in Pittsburgh, PA.


released December 1, 2010

All songs written and performed by John O'Hallaron
Album Art: Christian Ghirardi

Song Credits:
Harrison Wargo: Piano in "Still Here" and "Pawn", string arrangement in "You Made It Through"



all rights reserved


Chalk Dinosaur Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Eclectic music from Pittsburgh, PA.

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Track Name: Sleeping Late
Four useless hours
lying in bed
trying to sleep.

My brain's on fire.
I should try
counting sheep.

When I close my eyes,
thoughts start to flood my mind.
Why I get so deep
I don't know, I just wanna fall asleep.

Sun is creeping up.
It's getting light.
I'm wide awake.

I'm doomed again.
Plans or not,
I'm sleeping late.
Track Name: Indolent
It started slow
and it crept up we didn't know
that we were being pushed right out the door
like dirt being swept up off the floor.

No one's wrong and no one's right.
There is no victor to this fight.
It only served to shed some light,
and change the directions of our lives.

I can't say I was surprised.

'Cause I looked at you,
and you looked at me,
and we knew right there
it wasn't meant to be.

'Cause when your worlds crashing down,
but you're numb to the pain.
It's apparent that we're never
gonna feel the same.

As friends we'd stay,
but soon we started to drift away.
You've never seemed so far away from me.
How could this have happened? How could this be?

A thought that stays
in my brain every single day:
That we don't know each other any more.
I'm finding that hard for me to ignore,
but it's not something worth changing for.
Track Name: Still Here
I'll probably see
you down the line,
and we'll play it off like
everything's fine,
but I know you won't
forget the things I've said,
and you won't tell me
what's going through your head.
All the things you do
that make me feel alright
have disappeared.

I know it isn't
good to dwell
on things that
didn't go so well,
but the way you
captivate my mind,
and the fact that I'm still
here and you're just fine.
All these things make it
impossible for me
to draw the line.

I saw you walk away.
There's so much more
that I wanted to say.
I'm sorry that the words
never made it through.
That's the last time
that I saw you.

The time is quickly
passing by.
And you probably
aren't wondering why
there's still a part of
me that you still occupy
when so long ago
we made our last goodbyes.
Though I should probably just
leave this all behind,
my heart's still tied.
Track Name: Swoon
For you I swoon,
and I hope I see you soon.
And I wish you could have stayed
'cause you feel so far away.

I used to see
all the girls who do see me,
and I needed something new,
so girl I'm glad that I met you.

Somehow you've climbed
right into this brain of mine,
and my heart can free its chains
'cause I'm thinking that you feel the same.

In time we'll see
what becomes of you and me.
But for now I'll think of you
'cause I don't know what else to do.
Track Name: Lo Mein
It's not looking like it's gonna be here on time.
& my heads getting fried.
It's not that I don't like you
I don't know why I feel this but I do.

Now we're so off track,
I'm worried that we're not gonna make it back.
Nothing matters when you're seventeen.

& you're waiting for me on the other side
of this light that's frozen red.
So close, & I'm losing my head.
Track Name: Friend of a Friend of a Friend
I could say I know you, Kitty,
and you could say the same.
You're a friend of a friend of a friend.
That's how I know your name.

We had met before this,
but I wouldn't say we've met.
Now we've been acquainted
through a night I won't forget.

I don't know that much about you,
but I'd like to learn.
Will this be the same old thing,
or an unfamiliar turn?

Pinkerton's my jam and you've
got "The Good Life" in your head.
You and I see eye to eye.
In Weezer you're well read.
Track Name: She Wants Out
You've lost all attachment to me.
Now you have no investment in me.
Our ties have all been cut
in a stroke of rotten luck.

I was swallowed up in sadness.
Almost to the point of madness.
And now my neurons find it hard
to strike up the needed charge
to let it be.

Seems it's pointless to remember
what went down in that November.
And now I'm losing sleep
'cause you've changed your view on me
and now you're gone.

Cryptic brief elusive contact.
Terminating my new contract.
She's cleared up any doubt
as to what she's all about.
She wants out.
Track Name: A Number You Can Call
I never thought I'd see the day
I've never talked to you at all
I wasn't sure what I should say
but here's a number you can call
a number you can call

call, call, call,
will you be calling me?
I thought I'd throw it out there
just to see if you'd
call, call, call,
and pick me off the wall,
and catch me soon
before I start to fall

I thought it seemed a little strange
that things were falling into place
but I was ready for a change
to bring me back from outer space
and over to your place.
Track Name: Dinosaur Jr.
Please don't put this on me
by making me feel guilty.

No, I can't.
Find another ride.

Please don't be hurt, like I don't care.
I feel drama in the air.

No, I can't.
Find another ride.
Track Name: Strung Out
Recycled thought
passing through,
A thought suggesting
that you're stalling.

Stuck in the
back of my head,
The subtle feeling
that you're falling.

Leftover feelings
That make you question
your decisions.

Misguided views
of intent,
A lapse of judgement
killed your visions.

Drifting away,
I'm fighting through
this foggy haze.
Drifting away,
And I'm trying to
find my way.
Drifting away.

It's all a mess,
A knot inside my head.
& all in all it's
still not clear.

With the pressure
building now,
I'm feeling so strung out.
I'd sleep it off
If I could sleep.
Track Name: You Made It Through
You are on the edge,
Of everything I know.
I cannot look away.
I cannot let you go.

You crept into my bones.
You are a part of me.
That's why you're always there.
That's where you'll always be.

Somehow you made it through.
Separated me from you.
I'm stuck in last years thoughts,
and everything that's not.

I wish I could step outside.
So I could ask myself,
Why do you think you're wrong?
It's time to move along.
Track Name: Pawn
Verse 1:
Go to sleep. Go to bed
when you feel this again.
You will feel better tomorrow.

I should turn off the light
and not start up a fight.
I just need to make this night through.

The things that you've said
going straight to my head.
I'm trying my best to forget.

But you know how to push
all my buttons so well.
I'm tired of being your pawn.

I'm a pawn in your game.
Someday you will feel this way.

Verse 2:
Go to sleep. Go to bed.
Bring this night to an end.
Thinking just worsens my mood.

'Cause when all I can see
is how it used to be,
then it's best just to sleep it away.

As more time passes by
I grow callous and I
no longer bother to try.

'Cause my heart slowly dies
with every new guy.
What makes him better than me?

I'm a pawn in your game.
Someday you will feel this pain.
Someday you will feel this pain.

Chorus reprise (4/4):
I'm a pawn in your game.
Someday you will feel this way.
I'm a pawn in your game.
Someday you will feel this pain.
Someday you will feel this pain.
Someday you will feel this pain.